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WETS will be intermittently off the air while engineers attempt to diagnose issues with our new antenna. We cannot transmit on our old antenna while testing and working on the new antenna due to radiofrequency exposure limits. Please bear with us. Streaming should be perfectly fine during this time.

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There are many things you can trust will happen each day. There will be chores to do, places to go, calls to make, and meals to enjoy. While you're going about your life, you want to know what is happening in the world around you. When it comes to keeping up with your world and community, WETS-FM is your trusted source.

You know when you tune in everyday; you can count on receiving up to the minute news, interesting perspectives of the world, and music you enjoy. What motivates this kind of coverage? Your trust and that of the other listeners to WETS. And what makes it possible? Your gifts of financial support.

Donate Online (and other Ways to Give):

To donate online, follow this link and under the Designations section, select "WETS-FM": Donate

There are many other ways to give to WETS through ETSU. You can follow this link to find out more about them (just be sure to put "WETS-FM" anywhere they may ask for a donation Designation): Ways To Give

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You can request an invoice if you would like to pay by check.