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Day Sponsorships

Day sponsorships are a great way to share your special day and support WETS.

They are a one-day schedule of on-air announcements for personal use. Rates vary.

Contact Laureatte Loy at 423.439.4407 or to get your day sponsorship scheduled today.

Examples of day sponsorship messages:

  • Today’s day sponsorship is provided in celebration of John Smith’s 45th birthday. Happy birthday John.
  • Today’s day sponsorship is provided by Anita Calhoun to celebrate the graduation of her son, Joseph Calhoun, from East Tennessee State University. Congratulations Joseph.
  • Today’s day sponsorship is provided by Seth and Melissa McDonald to celebrate the birth of their grandchild, Sophia Marie Jamison. Congratulations!
  • Today’s sponsorship is provided by David Mulroney to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his marriage to his wife, Ruth. Happy anniversary, David and Ruth!
  • Today’s day sponsorship is provided by the family of Donald Smith to remember his life and leadership. Donald was a long-time listener to WETS and avid hiker.